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Delivering top notch quality and value to our customers is second nature to us and is ingrained in our DNA and approach toward performing way above expectations. We not only deliver what is promised to our customers but by going forward many extra miles out of initiative, help ourselves create a larger inner circle of trust or goodwill which extends far beyond our company.

At Able Emsys, Quality is a habit and to allow us deliver quality every time every project is based on the documents we follow.

C Coding Guidelines

C Coding Guidelines

Adopting a reasonable coding guideline is perhaps the first and easiest step towards improving quality of code or achieving any code certification.

C coding guidelines helps to boost software productivity and lower maintenance cost by promoting commonality and avoiding misinterpretations and guessing.

Able Emsys C Coding Guidelines

Embedded Architecture

Embedded Systems are complex and often is almost completely a custom made system. Breaking up a complex system into smaller sized sub systems is essential to be able to manage and estimate time and cost for the project.
By having Embedded System Architecture it becomes simple to design once their interactions are defined clearly.

Embedded System architecture helps bring reusability from project to project. Domain-specific Embedded System architecture is needed to bring more engineering discipline and predictability to software development.

Able Emsys System Architecture and Implementation

Able Emsys OOPS

Object Oriented Programming in C

Change is the only constant in software. Software that isn’t well defined falls apart at the first sign of changes. By applying the basic Object oriented Programming principles adds flexibility and make software more resilient.

The Object Oriented Programming principle of data hiding, helps the programmer to build a secure program that cannot be invaded by code in other parts of the program.

Able Emsys Object Oriented Programming in C

Defensive Coding techniques

When it comes to writing Safety Critical or High Integrity Real time Embedded software, Safety First!

Defensive coding techniques helps, especially when you’ve got to make sure your code works, and make sure it keeps working under worse case conditions in the real world.

Able Emsys Defensive Coding Guidelines

Defensive Coding Techniques